“As a dentist, it is easy to notice the landscape of the dental field changing. Taking advantage of their size and structure, corporate dentistry and large scale DSO’s lower the cost of supplies and outcompete private practices on advertising budgets and dental technology. Digital DSO allows dentists to band together and retain the benefits of lower cost dental technology like a traditional DSO, without having to give up the identity of our private practices! 

I started my dental technology Youtube channel, DentalTechup, on the principle that if we share our resources, private practices will become easier to run and outweigh the benefits of going corporate. I used DentalTechup as a platform to help dentists determine what software and products they are interested in purchasing. I am using this to negotiate savings with dental companies that I can pass onto Digital DSO members. By becoming a Digital DSO member, you are supporting a community of dentists and dental companies that care. I carried this principal to Digital DSO. 

Digital DSO’s goal is to create an ecosystem of dental companies and dentists who want private practices to thrive. Through joining Digital DSO and banning together, we can help support each other and make dentistry a field where every dental student can become successful in a private practice one day.”